How can I pay? What kind of methods are available?

That’s easy! You can pay on our shop using different methods of payment. We ensure that you get the method which best suits your preference. For example, if you are purchasing from Belgium, then you can pay via “Mister Cash”. In the Netherlands you can pay using iDeal. Read about the payment methods that are offered for you: :


Do you use ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, Friesland Bank, ING, Knab , Rabobank, SNS Bank, SNS Regio Bank or Triodos Bank? Then you can easily pay with iDeal, the easies online payment method! 

Why should you use iDeal?
  • Because it is a quick method of payment, simple and secure through the bank of your choice. You do not need a special software to use iDeal. Paying using iDeal does not have any extra service costs. 


You can also pay using PayPal. Paypal account is like your digital wallet. It is safe and convenient method that you can use. You no longer need to remember all the details of your credit card because Paypal does it for you! All you need is your email address and password and the payment is done! More information can be obtained via the PayPal website. 

Why you should choose to pay with PayPal?

  • It is a super fast method of payment. With TheFixedGearShop we guarantee you that your payment is secure without sharing your credit card information. 


For our Belgian customers, we make your payment easy by letting you pay easily via Mister Cash. No matter what bank you use in Belgium, you can always use Mister Cash to secure your payment!

Why you should choose Mister Cash?

  • Mister Cash is free for all customers. Quick and secure payment method!

Bank transfer

This is another great option to pay. Even though this method takes slightly longer time compared to PayPal, Ideal and Mister Cash, this may also result in loner delivery time.  

Why you can pay with a Bank Transfer?

  • If you can not pay immediately this is a great way to make a purchase. You have full control for this method of payment. 


Betalen via de creditcard maatschappij Mastercard zorgt voor een aantal zekerheden. Zo biedt Mastercard jouw een standaard verzekeing van iedere betaal met de Mastercard. Door de kiezen voor Mastercard zorg je ervoor dat jou order snel is betaald, je hoeft niet meerdere venster door. Alleen jou kaartgegevens invullen en klaar.

Waarom kiezen voor betalen met Mastercard?

  • Manier van betalen is zeer veilig.
  • Iedere betaling is verzekerd vanuit Mastercard.

Sofort banking

With Sofort Banking, online payments is easier than ever! All you need to use is the same details you would use in internet banking. This method is absolutely secure. Sofort banking is also a faster way to make payments compared to bank transfers because it is processed immediately. 

Why pay with Sofort Banking?

  • Quick pay. One of the safest way to make online payments. 


There is no other payment as popular and widely accepted as Visa. Simple and secure method without cash. 

Why pay with Visa?

  • Trustworthy method to pay. Each payment is carried out from Visa.