Buying a hub

It is very important to have the right hub for your fixie. The hub can turn your fixie into a singlespeed and vice versa. If you buy the so-called flip-flop hub you can have both! If you do not want a flip-flop hub, make sure you know wether you are buying a fixed gear hub or a singlespeed.

everything for your fixed gear hub

We have an extensive assortment of hubs. The hub is one of the main components of your fixie and therefore a very important part. To make sure you make the right pick, we have selected our hubs with care, to make sure you end up with the best fixie possible. It is important to get the size right, that is why we include the references to show you which size is needed.

hub sales

Keep close tabs on our sales, it sometimes happens so that one of your favourite brands receives a big discount. You can always e-mail us to check for upcoming deals! Want to know more about our carbon wheels? We are always ready to talk fixie, you can reach us by phone or via chat directly!