Chains for every fixie

Without a chain your fixie is not going to work. Your chain is also a great opportunity to improve and customize your design. With the many different colours we are sure there is a chain for you.

Fixed Gear chains

TheFixedGearShop delivers 1/8, which is the better choice for fixie-lovers. The chain is a bit thicker and safer and gives you more control when riding without brakes. The chains can also be used on regular bikes. Since you definitely need a chain, go ahead and take a look at our wide variety. With many colours to choose from there is a guaranteed pick for you.

Collection Fixie chains

TheFixedGearShop offers a wide variety of chains. However sometimes you are looking for that tiny detail which you are unable to find. We got you covered. Reach out to us via phone, email or the chat pop-up in the corner of your screen.