Looking for Fixie brackets?

To check your fixie brackets you have to get down and dirty. It is the part which sits in between the cranks. Even though it is a small part, it is a very important aspect of your drivetrain.

Choosing the right Fixed Gear Bracket

We don't advice to save money on a Bracket, however, if you do not aspire to win races on a high level it is okay to buy a "regular" one from one of our top brands. If you are driving on a professional level it is important to invest in a Bracket, this way you make sure you crank is turning as smooth as possible. And remember: a smooth fixie = a smooth ride = more fun! No matter which Bracket you choose, quality and durability are guaranteed. All of our new brands are mostly compatible with all frames, however some older ones are not. Therefore it might be a good idea to look at heritage. For example, Italian frames work well with Italian brackets.

Assortment Brackets?

TheFixedGearShop offers you the most extensive assortment in fixed gear brackets. However we might not have your perfect fit on our website. If you are looking for something specific, let us know! We will find your perfect fit.