Headsets for every Fixie

Make sure your headset matches your design, it's an important part of your bike because the quality of your ride can drastically improve through the quality of your headset. We have an excellent and large assortment of headsets ready for you!

Fixed Gear Headsets

You can't just choose any Headset, it needs to fit your design and fork and has to be the right size. Since you have to be careful choosing the right headset, take a look at our options and at your bike! Looking for an integrated Headset? What's the diameter? Which one fits my design? Do not be scared by these questions, we've got a headset for everyone!

Collection Fixie Headsets

TheFixedGearShop offers you the most extensive assortment in fixed gear headsets. However we might not have your perfect fit on our website. If you are looking for something specific, let us know! We will find your perfect fit.