fixie handlebars

One of the most personal bits of your fixie has to be its handlebar. The design lanuage of your fixie can change fast when you decide to go for a different type of handlebar. Together with the design, the experience changes as well. There are many different handlebar types, TheFixedGearShop offers the following:

Riser, Bullhorn, Drop of Straw

The name gives away its characteristics, the riser handlebar is a straight handlebar where the handles are bend just a bit higher than the bar. The riser is a standard handlebar which you will see on many fixies. Not to confuse it with the bullhorn handlebar, which also starts of as a straight bar, the bullhorn has handles pointed 90 degrees forward. Besides being bent forward, they are also bent upwards to give it the "bullhorn" characteristic. The drop handlebar has two curls downwards, in some ways it resembles a bullhorn handlebar upside-down. This type of handlebar has the most "professional" look to it and can be found on many road bikes as well. The straw handlebar is designed with only one motto: less is more. Fixies are all about simplicity, the straw handlebar is its epitome.

Collection Fixie handlebars

TheFixedGearShop offers a wide variety of handlebars. However sometimes you are looking for that tiny detail which you are unable to find. We got you covered. Give us a call or start the chat on our website and we will gladly help you find your perfect fit.