Chains for every fixie

Without a chain your fixie is worthless. For the pros we advice to choose wisely. Your chain is also a great opportunity to improve your design. With the many different colours we are sure there is a chain for you.

Fixed Gear chains

There are 2 chain sizes available on the market, de 3/32 and the 1/8. TheFixedGearShop delivers 1/8, which is the better choice for fixie-lovers. The chain is a bit thicker and safer and gives you more control when riding without brakes. The chains can also be used on regular bikes. Since you need a chain anyway, go ahead and take a look at our wide variety of chains. With many colours to choose from there is a guaranteed pick for you.

Collection Fixie chains

TheFixedGearShop offers a wide variety of chains. However sometimes you are looking for that tiny detail which you are unable to find. We got you covered. Give us a call or start the chat on our website and we will gladly help you find your perfect fit.