Brakes for your fixie

Real fixie lovers do not use brakes, they use their legs and feet to come to a halt. In The Netherlands it is required by law to have at least one functional brake on your bike, wether you use it is up to you.

Fixed Gear brakes

Braking on your fixie has its ups and downs. If you are not used to riding a fixie, braking can be a bit confusing. Whereas normally you would keep your pedals stationary when braking, this is not an option when riding a fixie. You can imagine what happens when you try to brake on a fixie in a conventional matter. When you are used to riding a fixie, using your technique together with a normal brake can help you come to a halt even faster than on a normal bike. For singlespeed riders a brake is a must. With a singlespeed setup you can keep your pedals stationary, meaning you cannot slow down using your legs. Riders say a front brake works fine on its own, but having a double brake setup can give you the edge you might need when riding through the city.

Collection Fixie brakes

TheFixedGearShop offers a wide variety of brakes. However sometimes you are looking for that tiny detail which you are unable to find. We got you covered. Give us a call or start the chat on our website and we will gladly help you find your perfect fit.