looking for a leader frame?

Riding is more than just a daily activity, sometimes you just want to go out for a ride with friends and enjoy your fixie. This is the central thought of Leader. Located in the USA, their goal is to produce fixies which make you feel great when riding.

quality fixed gear leader frames

Leader as a whole is a great brand, it starts with the owners who, just like us, are in the center of the Fixed gear community. If you buy one of their frames you own more than just a frame, you enter a lifestyle. Their frames have standard factory warrenty, ensuring you of great quality.


Found your perfect match? It might be good to know your frame will be delivered in a compact package, ensuring your frame is delivered in a safe manner as fast as possible.


TheFixedGearShop offers a wide variety of frames, but even then it might just happen that you are not successful in your hunt to perfection. If this happens, no worries. We are always ready to help you find your perfect frame, even when it is not in our catalogue.