Buying fixie Frames

We have different colors and different shapes of frames. We can ensure that you always find the right fixie frames. We have a lot of fixie frames. Stay informed of our online store, because we are getting more frames everyday! Daily we try to expand our assortment and improve our selection of fixed gear parts. Currently we conduct five different brands in our online store, and we are expanding our range of frames with a monthly minimum of one brand. Currently our webshop promotes the following five brands: Aventon Bikes, Bomb Track Bikes, Bikes Cinelli and State Bicycle Co.

Everything for your fixed gear frame

We have a wide range of different frames. A frame is one of the most important parts of a bicycle, and ensure how your bike looks and functions. Therefore our frames are very carefully formulated to ensure that you can put together the best bike. That is why we made sure that you can instantly see which frame size you need, which brands we have and what colors we sell. It is important to know whether you have the right size.

Discounts on fixies

Watch our exclusive discounts on fixies, because we frequently have a sale on your favorite brands. If you are curious you can always send an email for new and upcoming deals! Want to know more about our frames? We have a perfect customer service who is ready to respond to your questions. You got questions? Visit our customer support page!