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Is Shopping online safe?

TheFixedGearShop’s top priority is to ensure that all the purchases you do on our website are safe and secure. If you place an order with us, make sure that you do so in a secure environment with a SSL connection. This connection ensures that your banking information and your personal details are kept safe. Your bank details are not stored on the web. We respect your personal information therefore for the complete information please have a look at our privacy policy. 

How can I pay?

At the FixedGearShop you can pay using any method which suits your preference. This can be done online using PayPal, iDeal, Mister Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Instant banking and even bank transfer! Feel free to choose any method, for more information please have a look at our Payment Method page. 

Do I have to create an account to make an order?

No you don’t have to create an account. You can place an order without it. However, it is easier to create an account as you don’t have to fill in your details each time you make an order. This way you also have an overview of your orders, previous orders. You can also change your information at anytime. This gives you full control of your orders.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is super easy! At the bottom of each page in our store you can find the option to “Register”.  All you have to do is fill in your details and choose a secure password for your account. Click to “Confirm” and your account is ready!

My order is placed, now what?

Once your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email of your order. When we have gathered all the items that you have ordered, we will send you another email confirming that all the products are in stock and are ready to be sent to you! We will send the products to your stated address, you will also receive a track and trace number so you can track your order and see the exact date of delivery. It takes up to six business days to receive your package, starting from the time you have placed your order. Once you have received the package we will send you an email to make sure you are happy and the product has exceeded your expectation!

How do I know where my product is?

With every product order you receive a track and trace number. With this number you can track the exact location of your product and when it will be delivered. 

Is it possible to change or cancel my order?

If you want to change your order, or cancel it please contact us as soon as possible. We can be reached by phone, chat and email. If you have contacted us in time and the order was not placed to our supplier, then we can look for an ideal solution.

If the order has been already shipped and you have changed your mind, this means that you don’t accept the delivery of the package and do not sign the receipt. The postman will take the package back to the post office and it will be safely delivered back to us. Once we have received the package, we will get in contact with you and find the optimal solution.

You are free to cancel or refuse the order. If you have accepted the package and you are not satisfied (which happens only under rare circumstances) you can send the package to our address. However, you have to pay for the shipment costs.

What's the difference between a Fixie and Single speed?

A single speed bike works the same way as your normal bike. However, it doesn’t have any gears and you can brake using hand brakes. A fixed gear on the other hand works differently, if you pedal forward, the bike moves forward. If you pedal backwards, the bike moves backwards and usually does not require breaks. When you ride a fixed gear, the pedals always rotate and you can not just rest your legs. You can mount the brakes on your fixed gear for additional braking power. Most of the products have breaks included.

Who can ride a fixie?

The simple answer is everyone can ride a fixie! However, we recommend for beginners to first try out a single speed bike and later switch to fixed gear. The FixedGearShop offers a wide range of bikes with a flip-flop hub, allowing you to switch between single speed and fixed gear bike. 

How can you brake on a fixie?

Usually there are no breaks on a fixie. You break by pedaling backwards. However if that’s not enough you can always mount the hand brakes on your fixie. With all models for every brand the brakes are included. TheFixedGearShop also sells parts separately. 

Can i use clip-in pedals on a fixed gear?

This is what we advice you to do. The biggest advantage of using clip-on pedals is that it increases the control over your bike and the confidence form knowing your feet will not slip off the pedals, especially in wet conditions. 

What is a flip-flop hub?

The hub is the part in the center of your bike wheel where the spokes are connected to the shaft of the wheel. There are three types of hubs. Flip-Flop hub is one of them. This hub can be used in two different ways. One that makes your bike a single speed bike and the other which makes it a fixed gear. You get an option to decide which you would like. 

What frame size is right for me?

All the bikes on our website have details below where you can see which size is right for you. This depends on your height. You can then choose the size you need accordingly. 

How do i assemble my bike?

Once you have received the package, the bikes are usually 90% already assembled. The majority of the parts are already put together. However, you have to add the finishing touches by yourself. There is a manual with every purchase you make. Moreover, if you experience any difficulty please don’t hesitate to contact us

Does my bike have a warranty?

There is always a warranty on the bikes you purchase from us. The years of warranty depends on the brand that you choose. These can also be seen for each product that you choose. Usually, the frames have a lifetime warranty, other parts have at least one year warranty.