Looking for a Singelspeed?

A singlespeed can be fully adjusted to your style, taste and length. This is why we have a large assortment in singlespeeds of different types, styles and lengths. But how do you choose a single speed which has everything you need? There are different components and things you need to look out for when buying a singlespeed. What kind of handlebar do you want, what kind of seat post, what kind of colour do you want your frame, tires and rims to be? What kind of crank do you want? How many tooth do you have on the crank? Those are all questions you need to ask yourself before buying.

Besides these questions there is one more thing to ask: which brand? One of the many brands is Pure Fix. Pure Fi is known for its proper combination of quality and a fresh appearance. Pure Fix is besides an exclusive singlespeed brands famous as well. Did you know their bikes are being driven by one of the world’s most famous TV lawyers Mike Ross? Oh yes!

This is one of the many brands in our collection which we may offer you with the best prices available in the Netherlands! Our goal is to have the best and broadest assortment in singlespeed bikes, parts- and accessories to offer. Do you want to know more about the different brands? Click here.

But how do you choose a single speed which has everything you need? There are different components and things you need to look out for when buying a singlespeed. What kind of handlebar do you want, what kind of seat post, what kind of colour do you want your frame, tires and rims to be? What kind of crank do you want? Is it okay for me?

To make it easy for you we have tried to give clear descriptions about our fixie bikes. So you know what our bikes have to offer for you. We make sure everything that is written is also delivered with your bike. A couple of things you need to know:


How is your singlespeed delivered?

  • Because of safety we deliver every singlespeed with brakes (front & back)
  • You can turn your wheel around to choose between fixie or singlespeed
  • All bikes are delivered with pedals. Some of the brands are even delivered with straps, like Fabric Bikes
  • All bikes are put together for at least 80% before they reach you, to make sure all the hard work is done for you!
  • To explain these bullet points in more detail we have a detailed description down below for you

A singlespeed has 2 different chain rings on the rear wheel. The Fixed Cog like they call it is connected to the hub which keeps from coasting. The singlespeed cog is a single chain ring which keeps on spinning like a normal singlespeed. This means you can coast and keep your legs in the same place, meaning you can have a look around. With a fixed cog you need to keep pedalling. Therefore it can be quite useful to have brakes! Want to know more about the flip flop hub? Click here.

 The brakes are not always on the pictures of the singlespeeds. This is simply to make the pictures look clean and make your bike look nice, the brakes are however delivered with the bike. Every bike also has pedals. These are not on the pictures either to make the bike stand up straight when the picture is taken. They are delivered with them, no worries! Some bikes even have straps to enable you to skid. In that case the information will always be shown in the specifications.


Is the Singlespeed already build?

To make sure you do not have to get all technical we have built the singlespeed for a large part of it. It is important to know that you do have to finish the build. Your bike is completed for about 80%. The parts you still need to mount are: 

  • Front and/or Rear brake
  • Saddle (seat post is connected to it)
  • Handle bar
  • Front wheel


What can you improve on a singlespeed?

It could be that you want to pimp your singlespeed anyway. Of course we have a lot of solutions ready for you. There are many different parts and components, accessories and clothing and of course many different parts to turn your bike around and give it some style. It is very important to look good on your brand new fixie so we have taken care of that and given you a wide variety to give you as many options as possible from different models, parts and brands.

Which kind of parts can you use when building your new or your own singlespeed? What can you change and what would you do? Of course you need to have a look to find what you like of your bike but you have many ways to change it. You can change the wheels, change or adjust the handlebar, get a different colour chain or change your tires to a different colour to give it your own flair. You can change your bike completely but when you have bought a complete bike it isn’t necessarily needed.

Another option of course would be to change parts such as the saddle, grips or your tape bar. You can choose the leather options like Brooks, of fit your fixie with a cork bar tape. Whatever you like of course.


Maintaining your singlespeed

When you have finally chosen the ultimate singlespeed, you can enjoy your bike and get riding! We advise you though to maintain your bike with a lot of care. With regular use of your bike sometimes parts may break down, unfortunately this is inevitable. However you can make sure that this does not happen that often by taking good care of your bike and applying the proper maintenance.

 The best thing you can do is to have the maintenance done with true craftsmanship at a bike store. TheFixedGearShop has its own showroom with a workplace, specially build for maintenance and repairing. Do you want to be sure your singlespeed is taken care of properly with the right care and knowledge? 

Besides a big yearly maintenance it can be very useful to do the small stuff yourself in terms of maintenance of your single speed. This will make sure your bike will always look good and function well. It is only a little effort, and you will gain much in return! What can you do yourself?

  • Clean your bike
  • Check the brakes
  • Check the chain
  • Check your tires
  • Extra attention in the winter


Keeping your bike clean

There will be days the sun is not shining when going for a ride. That is why it is important to clean your bike after a ride and keep it dry. This will prevent any corrosion forming. Besides that it will also prevent dirt from coming in between parts and components, which is good on the long run. Make sure you clean your bike from top to bottom and do not forget the parts which are hard to get to between the pedals.

If you want to clean your bike properly, it is wise to start with your chain. To do this use an old tooth brush in combination with some warm soap, so you can erase all of the dirt off of your chain. After that you can simply take your garden hose to get rid of the soap. Watch out!: We do not advice to clean your bike with a high pressure hose or with a strong water flow. This can get water in between the bearings of your crank and hub. After cleaning let your bike dry properly.


Brake maintenance

Keep the brake lines working smoothly. Clean it first with an old cloth after which you can apply silicon spray on the brake lines. This will make sure your cables are maintained properly and will endure much more braking.


Chain maintenance

The chain is one of the components which is used rather intensely on your single speed. Good care of your chain is necessary to be able to enjoy your ride. After you have cleaned your chain with a toothbrush and some hot soap, it is time to prepare your chain to be driven again. Use the same lubricant as you used on your brake lines, silicon spray does the job perfectly. The best spot to do this is from behind the chain ring and then spin the pedals around to make sure the oil is spreading properly along the chain. Remove the excess oil with a dry cloth, this way you prevent it from staining your clothes and make sure to have no residue.


Checking your tires

Make sure your tires always have the right pressure. This decreases the change of running a flat tire. Besides that a higher tire pressure gives you a lot let resistance as well. Which is really nice when you want to paddle hard and go fast on your single speed! A normal tire pressure of a bicycle tire is between the 3,5 to 4 bar. TheFixedGearShop.com advices to be somewhere in between, this gives the most comfort.