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Fixed Gear Bikes are bicycles with a fixed drive train. If you stop pedalling your pedals will continue to spin, because your gear is directly connected to your hub. This means you are constantly moving, pretty much like riding a track bike. A fixed gear in that sense is basically the same as a track bike. But how does a track bike transition from the track to the open road?

Why would you ride a Fixed Gear

In New York they started using the fixed drive train first. When a couple bike messengers in New York thought that delivering the packages and mail could use a bit more excitement they decided to use track bikes to do so. This meant there was a lot more danger in delivering as well, because braking becomes a nice trick. You are locked, you cannot brake with normal brakes so you have to find other ways to do so. By applying backpressure on the pedals, the rear wheel locks up and starts slipping. We calls this ‘skidding’. Through slipping you lose speed and your fixie comes to a stop.It is challenging, and fun as well. Of course you can mount a normal brake on your bike, a procedure we do on most bikes we sell. We make sure you get riding in proper fashion. We also make sure our symbols next to our products get you to the right bicycle. When you definitely want to have a flip flop hub directly out of the assortment. Look at the video below to find out how cool it is!


What is a flip flop hub?

The flip flop hub gives you the option to choose between riding singlespeed or fixed gear. Through the technology of the flip flop hub you change the rear wheel from Fixed to singlespeed (and the other way around) by unscrewing it and turning it around. A lot of people ride without brakes because this is the purest form of cycling, but when you ride a singlespeed you have to have brakes. Keep in mind that you cannot ride singlespeed without brakes, otherwise you cannot brake.


Within reasonable time you can see the difference between the quality of different fixed gear bikes. A bike from the brand 6KU lasts a lot longer with its materials than a fixed gear bike from let’s say the brand VYDZ. Chains and chain rings need to be replaced from time to time, but because we guarantee our bikes to be of very high quality you will not have to deal with it a lot and have to do minimal maintenance. The most special parts on your bike are the wheel and the handlebar. There are a lot of different handlebar settings for your fixie. You have different handlebars such as the bullhorn handlebar, riser handlebar and the flat bar. For instance with our State Bicycle Co models you can choose between a lot of different handlebars for your fixie. We have a very large assortment of different handlebars and stems. Brands such as Cinelli, Deda and Nitto are shining like diamonds in our fixed gear shop.

Yeah go for it, and ride Fixed

Besides these parts it is important to choose the right tyre for your bike. If you skid a lot, like we mentioned before, you will need a very thick profile. A lot of fabricators jump in on the quick growing singlespeed market by producing many different tyres. Your singlespeed can be fitted with special skid tyres or regular tyres. The special skid tyres are fitted with en extra thick profile to make sure your tyres are going to last a lot longer when you are skidding a lot. In our assortment singlespeed tyres we deliver the proper information and setup which matches your fixie perfectly. Maintenance on your bike is very important as well. Cleaning your bike with water is never the best solution. Rust is everywhere before you know it, taking account the fact that a frame has a lot of holes. This means your bike parts need to be replaced rather fast. It is better to clean it with a cloth and some detergent. We make sure you know how to clean your bike and what products to use by using the right symbols to show you what works and what does not. TheFixedGearShop does not sell products we do not know or have tested ourselves, if it works or if it is harmful for your fixed gear bike. Our products come from high quality brands en make for a proper finish. Interested and wanting to read more about the maintenance of your bike? Click here. In our assortment we have diverse brands which have earned the title of the top 10 brands of fixed gear bikes. 6KU is a brand from America which delivers a very neat and high quality bike for an affordable price. Cinelli is one of the best out there with their exclusive bikes and finish, with an Italian feeling. Bombtrack is the banger of the shop, and makes for quality with an identity. And last but not least we have the number 1 fixed gear bicycle of the world: State Bicycle Co. These bikes of very high quality will give you an experience you can never forget. By buying a State Bicycle bike it is guaranteed you end up in a win-win situation. You do not have to look at monthly maintenance, you can just enjoy your very neat and proper bike. When buying a fixie you are definitely in for a fun bot also proper bicycle experience

Neben diesen Teilen ist es wichtig, den richtigen Reifen für Ihr Fahrrad zu wählen. Wenn Sie viel rutschen, wie wir bereits erwähnt haben, müssen Sie ein sehr dickes Profil haben. Viele Verarbeitern springen auf dem schnell wachsenden Singlespeed-Markt indem sie viele verschiedene Reifen produzieren. Ihr Singlespeed kann mit speziellen Rutschreifen oder Sommerreifen ausgerüstet werden. Die speziellen Rutschreifen sind mit einem extra dicken Profil versehen, um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Reifen viel länger dauern werden, wenn Sie viel schlittern. In unserem Sortiment von Singlespeed-Reifen liefern wir die richtigen Informationen und den Aufbau, der perfekt zu Ihrem Fixie passt.

Die Wartung Ihres Fahrrads ist auch sehr wichtig. Ihr Fahrrad mit Wasser zu reinigen ist nie die beste Lösung. Rost ist überall ehe man sich versieht, wenn wir darüber denken, dass ein Rahmen eine Menge Löcher hat. Dies bedeutet, dass die Teile Ihres Fahrrads ziemlich schnell ersetzt werden müssen. Es ist besser, es mit einem Tuch und etwas Spülmittel zu reinigen. Wir stellen sicher, dass Sie wissen, wie Sie Ihr Fahrrad reinigen sollen und welche Produkte zu benutzen indem wir die richtigen Symbole verwenden, um Ihnen zu zeigen, was funktioniert und was nicht. TheFixedGearShop verkauft keine Produkte, die wir nicht kennen, oder wenn wir nicht selbst getestet haben, ob sie funktionieren oder ob sie schädlich für Ihren Starrlauf-Fahrrad sind. Unsere Produkte kommen von hochwertigen Marken und sind toll für ein glattes Finish. Sie interessieren sich und wollen mehr über die Wartung Ihres Fahrrades lesen? Klicken Sie hier.

In unserem Sortiment haben wir verschiedene Marken, die den Titel der Top 10 Marken von Starrlauf-Fahrrädern verdient haben. 6KU ist eine Marke aus Amerika, die ein sehr gepflegtes und hochwertiges Fahrrad zu einem erschwinglichen Preis liefert. Cinelli ist eine der besten Marken mit ihren exklusiven Fahrräder und Ausrüstung, mit einem italienischen Gefühl. Bombtrack ist der Knaller des Ladens, und sorgt für Qualität mit einer Identität. Und nicht zuletzt haben wir das Nummer 1 Starrlauf-Fahrrad der Welt: State Bicycle Co. Diese Räder von sehr hoher Qualität werden Ihnen eine Erfahrung geben, die Sie nie vergessen können. Mit dem Kauf eines State Fahrrads ist es gewährleistet, in einer Win-Win-Situation zu geraten. Sie müssen sich nicht über monatliche Wartung kümmern, Sie können Ihr sehr ordentliches und richtiges Fahrrad einfach nur genießen. Wenn Sie ein Fixie kaufen werden Sie auf jeden Fall Spaß haben, aber auch das richtige Fahrrad-Erlebnis. Möchten Sie mehr über die verschiedenen Fahrradmarken lesen?

How much does a Fixed Gear weight?

The weight of a bike of course depends on the size of the frame, all parts which are used and which one you buy. It is difficult to estimate what a bike weighs, that is why the manufacturers tell us. We try to give you the right indication of a bikes weight.

A 58CM bike like the State Bicycle bikes are all exactly 10KG. This guideline is very useful to get a precise estimation of what a bike may weigh.

The specifications of a Fixed Gear are always to be found in the description. With every product we offer in our webshop we have tried to give you the most extensive description possible to make sure you know everything about the bike you have just ordered. Need more information? Try our customer service or one of the distributors of the brand itself.

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