Jacob Bikes

The Dutch and their bikes are inseperable, with over 19 million bikes there are 1,2 bikes per person in The Netherlands. It is safe to say the bicycle is one of the most important means of transport to get from A to B.

The company behind General Lee, Classic wit en F Fixie

In the current world where everybody is short on time, speed of transportation is key to make the most out of your day. Besides that, we want to look good doing so. This was the motivation of two Dutch guys from Amsterdam to start their own fixiebrand, called JACOB. One of the founders saiid: "I want to drive through the city fast, but not on an expensive carbon-bike. The other option would be to take an old bike, there goes the "good looking" part..". The other founder wanted to create a unique bike which stands out in both design and colour compared to the standard Dutch "omafiets". The result was thé JACOB bike, a so-called fixie.


A fixie is both light and minimalistic, JACOB fixies are focused on quality, are low maintenance and have an unique clean design in three colours which really stand out. Either you need to paddle through the city, getting from A to B asap, or want to cruise to school or work, covering a long distance along the way, or you want to stand out with a unique bike. You cannot go wrong with a real JACOB fixie with an Amsterdam design.


Have you made your decision? Then it might be useful to know how it is going to be delivered. TheFixedGearShop delivers in compact packages to ensure your fixie is delivered on your doorstep safe and sound.

Warning: your bike is not yet ready to ride. We take care of the big picture, the only thing for you left to do is putting it all together. Of course we want you to ride as fast as possible, to do so we always include an instruction manual. It will get you up and riding in minutes! If you sttill have any questions or the manual is not clear, feel free to call us! We gladly help you and share our love for fixies.


TheFixedGearShop offers you the most versatile assortment in fixed gear bikes. Even though our assortment includes a wide variety of fixies it might happen that you are not able to find your perfect fit. We do not take no for an answer, give us a call and we are glad to help and find your fixie of choice!