State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle Co.

Buy a State Bicycle Co Fixed Gear?

Looking for the best bike on the market? Looking for quality bikes that make a difference? We got State ready for you! When we say State Bicycle Co. is rider-developed, we mean it. In 2009, State was launched by three Arizona cycling nuts with big dreams. We saw a glaring opportunity to introduce premiere quality, aesthetically striking bicycles to the fixed gear/single speed market at the lowest price possible. After thousands of bikes sold, a fiercely devout & expanding community base, growing retail stores and retailers, a growing staff, and over 500K Facebook likes, our goal remains unchanged.

Why State Bicycle Co?

We love good bikes, but State is a very different grade. We know what State can do and we focus on their productivity. Looking at all the models, we know that State will always perform. Taking your hobby and your passion and turning it into a viable business is the holy grail for many entrepreneurs. Brothers Mehdi and Reza Farsi, along with longtime friend Eric Ferguson, have been able to achieve just that. They have taken their love of bikes, particularly fixed gear bicycles, and, in a very short time, have turned that love into a very viable business – State Bicycle Co.

State Fixies are to keep

As a provider of fixed gear/single speed bicycles, State Bicycle Company realized a need in the marketplace and was able to very successfully fill that need through an effective mix of the right product, and great marketing. They offer each bike model for only a limited time, while offering a variety of colors, heights, and handle bar choices. Since their start in late 2009, State Bicycle Company has grown from a one-location operation, including strong online sales, to adding three additional retail locations (known as concept stores), as well as a UK branch. 


TheFixedGearShop would love to see everyone riding fixies, for now that will remain a dream. Our quick delivery time of six days defeinitely helps speed up the process!

To deliver your bike as quickly as possible we make our packages as compact as possible. This means your fixie needs some love before you can hit the road. We will do the hard part, leaving you to complete your new bike. To get to know your bike we supply your fixie with a brandspecific instruction manual. If you still have questions, give us a call! We love working on fixies.


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