Pure Fix Cycles

Pure Fix Cycles


Pure Fix Cycles is our celebration of bicycling for all that it offers: transportation, health, and righteous good times. With our economy cooled and our planet warming, there is no better way to get around than riding, cost and carbon free, on a fixed gear bike. In a city where transportation is always a challenge, we can help make your transit something you look forward to.


Our name captures our mission: cycling in its purest form. Quality-built fixed gear bikes, directly from the manufacturer to you. That means no frills, no middle men, and best of all, a product that is as easy to use as it is affordable. An unbeatable price tag doesn’t mean compromise in aesthetics, though. We feel that simplicity and efficiency are beautiful ideas, and likewise, can easily translate into stylish motifs. Our bikes come in a variety of attractive color schemes, from classic to avant-garde, and our selection is always rotating.


At Pure Fix you can choose what works best for you, either you want to cruise through the city singlespeed or go for those long distance runs on a professional fixie, both options are always available. The only thing you have to do is take out your wheel, turn it around, and you are good to go!

The big difference between the two drivetrains is the way it is connected to your wheel, whereas a singlespeed gives you the option to take a rest and stop paddling, fixie means you are directly connected to your wheel resulting in the possibility to driive backwards but also meaning you can not stop paddling. If you don't know which is best for you, try riding singlespeed first, your bike will handle like "normal". Ready for a challenge? Swap your wheel around and turn your bike into a real fixie. 


To make sure we deliver your bike in time for the summer in a safe way, we ship our packages as compact as possible. This means your Pure Fix Bike needs some love before you can ride. But allows us to make sure your bike is safe and sound when it arrives at your front door.

After we've checked your bike at TheFixedGearShop we provide a simple instruction manual, brand specific of course. No worries, the hard part is done by us, the only thing left to do before you can burn some rubber are the final touches. Staying true to the fixie bikes, we make sure you receive as little seperate parts as possible. Before you know it your fixie is ready to be driven, fast. 


As you can see from our offer, Pure Fix is a name to take into account when looking for the perfect fixie. We try to include the most popular designs and editions, but it may happen your perfect fit is not included. Do not hesitate to contact us! Just like you we love shopping for fixies, we will not stop before we find your perfect bike.