Polo and Bike

Polo and Bike


POLOANDBIKE-fixies started of as a budgetbrand but after years of study and improvement they have grown to become known for their quality bikes, making sure their brand was one to be reckoned with. They have a clear message: "We, as bike lovers, picked up the fresh, young, city feeilng of the fixed-gear-world. Eventually we managed to create a brand which specializes in fixies, together with a wide variety of parts the biking community were waiting for. Currently we are selling our dream in seventeen countries."


POLOANDBIKE is, as you've read, a Spanish brand. Spain is developing to be one of the fixie countries of Europe. POLOANDBIKE started participating in the fixieworld in 2009, and is doing a great job at it. The brand has a great feeling for the city culture and looks further than the bike on its own. The Spanish people see fixed gear as more than just bikes, it is a ifestyle.


The brand specializes in fixie, they go as far as only producing bikes without gears or brakes. Riding a fixie is more than just a unique experience because you have to constantly pay attention to your speed. You cannot give your legs some rest. As long as you are not standing still, your pedals will not stop. This makes the design simple and delivers the experienced rider a unique experience.


When your bike arrives you may notice it is not yet completely finished, this is to deliver it in a compackt package. We do this to ensure a safe and fast delivery. TheFixedGearShop strives to deliver your bike as fast as possible as safe as possible, together with a simple manual we make sure you are up and riding within minutes. If you are having trouble finishing those last details, feel free to call or chat with us and we will help you enjoy your bike even more.


The design lagnuage of POLOANDBIKE is sleek and similar to road bikes. If you are looking for a different type of POLOANDBIKE, let us know! We won't take no for an answer.