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If you've seen a CHEETAH Bicycle before, you can guess their mission: the dull, dusty streets polishing with brightly colored bikes with a bite. They remain there bikes up-to-date to keep you enthralled anew each year. Each spring the new color collection comes online.


You recognize a Cheetah Fixie instantly. The color combination of a Cheetah shows that they are not afraid to stand out with their fixies. Do you have a spicy look? Who knows this brand yours.


The creatures of Cheetah drive all fixed. That means the pedals of your bike always pedaling, when the wheels turn. This provides a unique driving experience, with the caveat that you can not take a break with stairs. That's so some getting used to for those who do not already stuck to some by trapper The bikes come standard with matching pedals and hand brake in every color of the rainbow. That hand brakes can help you to generate additional braking force. In fact, your fixie no brake, you brake by going slower pedaling.

So it's up to you: Do you dare to sit on such exhausted beast? Cheetah know the answer, and is ready to give your world in bright colors!


A cheetah can run more than one hundred kilometers per hour. We will do our best to Cheetah your bike to your home. TheFixedGearShop attaches value that you can go quickly and safely enjoy your perfect fixie. That's why we watch every order personally from A to Z after, so we personally guarantee your ultimate driving pleasure.

We package your new bicycle as compact as possible, which makes the package more easily and thus can be quickly transported to you. That means that there is still some work to do before you can go riding on your new addition. When you order you'll find a description that tells you exactly how the bike should tinker together. Do not worry, most of us have already done for you. Take a bit of time for your personal racing monster, and within an instant is the way your site!


We tried to capture the finest selection of bicycles for you. The colorful selection has something for everyone. But if you cannot find what you are looking for, let us know!