Bombtrack dilver fixie who are one of the best in the whole Fixed Gear market . You want to cruise through the city, or want to race on the road, much nicer than this it isn't going to be. You could almost hang a Bombtrack bike in your living room because it is so beautiful. 

The fixies are available in different styles: retro, urban, and the elegant variant. That the looks are important of a Bombtrack bike is certain, but that does not tell the whole story. The brand guarantees you both a blind faith in your fixie some safety concerns. Excluding = Bombtrack and these beasts of bikes are the flagship of the city.


As the name "Bombtrack" suggests: these bikes are no angels. A Bombtrack drive: you has to be no coward. That is probably the reason why these animals are so bad available. TheFixedGearShop offers you the widest range of fixies, and we want you certainly do not remember this rugged fixie.


TheFixedGearShop want you as soon as possible to get on the saddle, so we will send you fixie all within six working days. To make delivery faster, we ship your bike as compact as possible. It is faster to you, though, there would therefore still be done about this. Your fixie is for the most part already put together, take care of the finishing touches on the 'i' you're free. Do not worry, if you do not come out with the manual, you can always contact us.

COLLECTION Bombtrack Needle and Script

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