Buy a Bohemian Bike

Bohemian bikes have a story about fixies which begins in Tucson. The designer Dave Bohm starts with a project: create an artistic vision from bicycle frames. Who got a Bohemian bike must be proud of his Fixie. Bohemian is a good model for a starter. The price makes these bikes appealing to all people.


Who chooses Bohemian, chooses for fixed gear. All bikes are fixies. The design takes you back to retro times: the color and the design of the Bohemian screams 'retro'. Actually fits this bike in the city as the canals in Amsterdam. TheFixedGearShop definitely recommends the novice enthusiasts on a budget to look at this brand a good look. Bohemian is a budget brand, but with a good quallity. 


If you are not used to ride fixed, this is not a problem. If you're not familiar with this type of bike, read the information about the bikes.

Fixie is the name of a bicycle in which the pedals remain continuous steps through. Even if you do not feel like it. The trick is to estimate in time when you need to slow down, when you drive this type of bike. It's like 'normal' cyclist so some getting used to. In principle, a fixie therefore no brake, you brake by going slower pedaling. These bikes get standard hand brake included so you can decide how much braking power you use.


The bike comes standard with extra handbrakes. So you are in control of your braking. Especially when you drive not so long this kind, hand brakes may be a nice addition.

Your new bike is not quite curb your way. We did this so that the packages are smaller, for which the transmission time is reduced. So can you so quickly on the road! That means that you have some chores to your new bike when he was delivered to you. You will find when you order a manual TheFixedGearShop, for your purchase. Should it be possible, let us know live!


You will find retro bikes Bohemian almost only at TheFixedGearShop. Do you have other wishes? We would like to hear them!