6KU Bikes

6KU Bikes

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If you ask 6KU itself, there motto is everyone should ride a fixie. "A fixie is good for the environment, your health and your wallet. 6KU put a lot of time and energy in the production process, which makes everything more efficiently "And you notice that in your wallet:. The bicycles are sold as a lower price than other fixies.


The brand 6KU is one of the fastest growing fixiebrands in the market. A 6KU-bike combines the looks with the pleasant: they are affordable and still look very good. So a fixie for everyone accessible and affordable. The charm lies in the combination of a fresh and attractive appearance, for a good price. This winning combination makes 6KU one of the best known brands in America, and the brand is on the rise in Europe. 


Good news: You don't has to make a choice. Each fixie has standard a flip-flop hub. It lets you choose whether you want to ride, singlespeed or fixed. All you have to do is change the side of the rear wheel. So you can start on a 'normal' single speed bike, and if you are ready to go the extra mile, you only need to mount the wheel else. That's the difference: drive is quite different. When the fixed gear sprocket is mounted directly to the rear wheel, allowing you to rotate pedals directly with your wheel. So you can, just like your regular bike, back stairs without anything happening. During cycling you can also give your legs a rest, which can not at a fixie, there turn your pedals always on. Even if you take your feet off the pedals. TheFixedGearShop recommends starting with a normal pedal back if you are not a very experienced rider.


The selection was made? If you're going to order, then it is good to already know how this is delivered to your home . TheFixedGearshop sends all bikes in a compact box. Please note that your bike is not yet put together. A number of components must still be installed . Do not worry, most of us have already done for you . The final touch will be explained to you in the manual. Time for the first ride with your own fixie !


TheFixedGearShop offers you a range of fixed gear bikes. Now you can always keep looking for another bicycle, or a different size. We do not sell no, so we go then for you to work to score your perfect fixie . We help you to find your bike!