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You're looking for the newest, hottest and most spectacular fixed gear bike that you can come up with? Then you come to us! We have really done our best to give you a wide choice of fixed gear bikes. Our fixie collection consists of many different brands and all brands have their own quality / price class.

But which fixed gear should you choose? The key of course is your fixie bike itself. What color do you like? And do you know whether you want to ride single speed or fixed gear? We have compiled a list of things you may just want to figure out for your bike, but also things that might be cool to put on your fixie.


The fixed gear bike itself can be very different. We have several brands in our range as 6KU and Polo and Bike, and the differences are really there to see. The structure of the frame determined not just how it looks, but how it goes and how rigid the frame for example. That's why we sell only top of the top models have been tested by us. We will try our standard, but also your purchase as well as possible with quality and information.

Another important point for your fixie fixie bike are the wheels. Buy a single speed or fixed gear bike? You can choose for example the so-called flip-flop hub. This hub has on both sides a gear wheel, of which one is fixed and the other is loose. This makes the choice of fixed gear drive or a relaxing ride so taken with your singlespeed.
Currently we have a wide range of fixed gear bikes, but the single speed bike can also be certain. So let you just introduce yourself to our brands:
6KU Bikes, Bombtrack Bicycle Co., Cinelli Bikes, State Bicycle Co., Bohemian, Cheetah, Pure Fix Cycles and Fabric Bike.These are our flagship brands, and you can view them all and ordered through our webshop. We would be delighted at the choice of accessories for your fixie, parts or even clothes to complete the whole picture. We help where necessary with your purchase, and make sure that you clearly know where you stand and what your fixie bike can exactly. Want to know which fixed gear frame you can take? Or do you have anything else you'd like to have clarified? Our team is ready for you!


Have you seen a nice fixed gear, but you want to change a part of it / replaced? No problem. The advantage of fixie is that these bikes have few attributes, for example, a bicycle lamp. These can be easily found in the shop. The items will be delivered directly from the assortment of The Fixed Gear Shop. As a result, the delivery time is as short as possible.

When additional parts put on your fixed gear bike, you make sure your bike is unique. Parts are often not only to make a fixie even better, but also to make him better and safer. Another example saddle can ensure that you posture greatly improved so that you have less burden in the future back problems. Another control can also resolve many ruchtklachten. Do you also suffer from physical symptoms, or are you wondering what the best setup for your bike for example, your height? Ask us a line.
Many lovers of fixed gear make the choice to build their own fixie bike. For lovers and collectors The Fixed Gear Shop the right place. The wide range of components, and the wide range of brands, we can proudly say that The Fixed Gear Shop belongs to the shops with the largest range of Netherlands. For this to preserve as we expand our product range every day by adding new features and brands. There is thus a part not listed, but you would still like to have that component? No problem. Report as the type and brand that you are looking for so that we can do our best for you from suppliers. Big chance that your product is just available!


Do you even know if you're a fixed gear or single speed cyclist? If not, then perhaps it is first important to know what the difference is between a fixed gear and single speed bike. In a fixie the gear wheel is welded directly on the wheel. This wheel has thus only one position with stairs. Since the gear is welded to the wheel, and so the chain is directly attached to the wheel, the pedals rotate always with you when the bike is moving. Whether the fixed gear is now moved forward or backward. While driving the pedals will therefore rotate. The advantage is that the bike you are obliged to keep pedaling, with the result that you often ride faster over longer distances.
Would you rather just stairs like a normal bike? That is possible at a single speed. When a single speed the gear wheel is not attached directly to the rear wheel, in contrast to the fixed gear. This makes it possible to kick back during cycling. You can also still keep your feet on your pedals while cycling. A single speed is often popular with people who first buy that kind of bike, as they are often accustomed to the mechanism of a normal bike. A single speed is often seen as a safer bike. This has to do with the fact that the pedals of a fixed gear bike rotate, so even in the corners. When you're on a fixie goes diagonally through the corner, you run the risk that you pedals touch the ground with all its consequences.

All bikes in the shop of The Fixed Gear Shop come with a flip-flop hub. This would mean that both mechanisms on the wheel are available. So if you want to change a cycle time of style, that's no problem! For all fixed gear bikes that can be found in the shop of The Fixed Gear Shop are hand brakes included.