About Us

TheFixedGearShop.com Is a webshop specifically designed for Fixed Gear lovers. TheFixedGearShop.com was founded by Axel Dekker, Ingmar Claris and Hans Verkroost. Over time they build a strong team around them. The three founders of TheFixedGearShop.com started with one goal: "Offer the Fixie Lover everything that's available in the fixie market with just a few mouse clicks". With great proud we talk to you and everyone in the Fixie world on the same level, within the fixie lifestyle there are no divisions. The assortment available in our webshop is very extensive. Beginners and experts will both be able to find what they are looking for. Besides the fixies themselves we also thought about accessories and clothing. We are convinced that choosing a fixed gear isn't a choice, it's selfexplanatory, you just want to ride.

What makes TheFixedGearShop.com unique compared to other fixie shops:

✓ Over 4.000 fixed gear products 
✓ Live chat function to answer all of your questions 
✓ Complete customer focused customer service 
✓ Loads of Fixed Gear information 
✓ From Fixielovers for Fixielovers
✓ Delivery throughout Europe

Within the assortment of theFixedGearShop.com you will find exclusive brands with different bikes for every fixie/singlespeed rider. The assortment includes 6KU Bikes, Aventon, Bombtrack, Cinelli, Knog, Kryptonite, Chrome industries, 8bar, Leader, State Bicycle Co., and many many more Fixed Gear brands. The assortment as a whole is specifically focused on Fixie riders, this means regular bikes such as a "Batavus" are not included. TheFixedGearShop is the big party, having an overview on the whole market of fixed gear bikes and parts.

Meet the team

Axel Dekker, Ingmar Claris and Hans Verkroost have opened their business in the fixed gear market with a big smile. Growth is what they are focussing on since the beginning. Axel, Ingmar and Hans soon found out growing cannot be done alone. Recently their team has grown to 6 employees. Jeroen Kamp, Dana Ibragimova and Kaïn Landsman are working hard to improve TheFixedGearShop.com day by day, for you, for the customer.

Axel Dekker

He started this project on his own, as a die-hard fan of the fixie-world. This guy has got cycling in his legs. he just got out of the cycling scene. This means Axel knows how the wheels turn, and who's riding the bicycles. Axel makes sure your order goes through the website like a smooth ride.

Hans Verkroost 

There is a pretty big chance Hans is the first person you meet. He is the guy behind the chat, the voice on the other end of the line. He has a history in the businessworld, he makes sure all the numbers of TheFixedGearShop add up. Hans, together with an overdose of energy, rather looks forward than behind.

Ingmar Claris

Don't understimate his keen eye. Every detail, every spot, he has it fixed in Photoshop before you know it. Everything you see is a product of Ingmar. He has the gift to look at the site through your eyes.