Fixed Gear Parts

A fixed gear is a bike with few parts, on the other hand it is essential the parts are of very high quality. Do not pick randomly but think about the choices you make in brakes, chain and headset you want on your fixie.

Back brake

Braking is essential when you want to ride a singlespeed. With a singlespeed it is necessary to have a decent brake system. Which is pretty logical considering when a bike can ride high speeds your brakes need to be in order. A Fixed Gear on the other hand works totally different. With a real original fixie bike you do not have brakes. Braking with a Fixed Gear is easy through skidding, but that is not something everyone can do of course. Skidding requires a lot of practice.

We have put together a quite nice selection of brakes for the Fixed Gear riders, so you always reach the ground in a safe manner. The offer varies from cheap to pricy Fixed Gear parts. advises to have a proper look at your budget and the parts you can buy for that money, a pricy brake in that perspective is a better brake and therefore an important investment.



Make sure you have a smooth configuration of your headset. It is an important part of your bike, because the quality of your ride definitely improves or downgrades depending on your headset. We have put together an extensive assortment with exclusive and qualitatively high headset.


The smoother the brackets work, the better your power is divided. It is always nice when the crank and drivetrain works smoothly, which you can achieve with the brackets in our assortment. We offer a wide variety of brackets, but selected by the quality standards of our specialists. In our opinion a bracket should always contain quality, reliability and also durability.


The crank of your is not just important for the design of your fixie, but also for the quality of your ride this is one of the most important Fixed Gear parts. A crankset can be a very decisive component, it is of course the centre piece of your bike. All strength coming from your legs is cramped through this one piece of technology, and therefore needs to be divided in a proper manner. Our cranksets are picked with care and passion, they have passed the bar on all aspects.


Without chains you are not going anywhere anytime soon. We searched for the highest quality and most durable chains with care, and ended with a select group of products which are now the highlight of our chain assortment. In our assortment you will find chains from the brands KMC and Brick Lane Bikes. It is very important to maintain your chain well. 


Brakes are very important Fixed Gear components. Braking with a Fixed Gear is easy through skidding, however not everyone knows how to do it. Skidding requires many practice and experience. We have put together a proper collection of brakes for the fixed Gear riders, so you always come to a stop in a safe manner! You rather want to skid? Think thoroughly before you start practicing. This is a very technical trick which requires proper training in order to pull it off. With skidding it is very important to have straps or to use toe-clips, so you can block your rear wheel. Besides that it can be useful to hang forward the first couple times you try to skid, so you get as little pressure on your rear wheel as possible. 

Brake levers

Braking is very important if you want to ride singlespeed. Braking with a Fixed Gear is easier through skidding, but that is not meant for everyone. Skidding requires a fair bit of experience. We have put together a nice collection of brake levers for the Fixed Gear riders, so you always come to a stop in a safe manner!


Handlebars always have a fitting stem. That is why with every handlebar we include the proper fitting stem. Have a look at our assortment of stems from Cinelli and other diverse brands. You will find stems in many different shapes and sizes, from aluminium to carbon, it cannot get too crazy!


Your fork is usually included with the frame of your bike, but you can also buy them without! We offer different forks from the brands Aventon an- Brick Lane Bikes. New fork, you can simply order one at us. Looking for an exclusive fork you cannot find anywhere? We have an extensive network, and are glad to help! 


Your posture on your Fixie is very important, that is why we have a wide variety of different handlebars. Are you a bullhorn fan, or do you rather ride a riser handlebar? You will find anything you are looking for in our handlebar assortment.  

Seat posts

A fitting seat posts finishes your bike. A great looking seat post also improves the quality of your ride and on the other hand also the durability of the bike. Having a nice place to sit relies a lot on the saddle, however the seat post of your choice can change the design in a positive way. We have put together an extensive assortment of seat posts, if you have any questions we are always willing to talk!

Now that you know everything about the different Fixed Gear components it is time to take a deeper look and find the fixie which fits your style! 


Fixed Gear Parts