Fixed Gear Accessoires

IWithin the Fixed Gear world there are a lot of different categories and brands as well. The bicycle consists of the basic components which make up a bike and get it riding, but besides that there are of course many different accessories which make your bicycle a lot nicer and make it look more professional.


Everything about Fixie Accessoires

Within the Fixed Gear scene it is very popular to fit your bike with for instance a trendy mudguard or to have a useful rack to hang it up in your living room or garage. We offer many different choices in many different categories of the Fixed Gear accessories assortment. There are many top brands in our assortment such as: Ass Savers, Copenhagen parts, KNOG, HipLok, Kryptonite, Pedros, Cycloc, Clug, Brooks, BLB, Cinelli, Chrome Industries and many more. Besides these brands we can fit you completely with every ins- and outs of the fixed gear accessories.  


Within our assortment of bicycle baskets we make sure we always have different price ranges ready for you to pick from. The baskets are chosen by design, performance, and appearance. Through a couple neat brands and their designs on the baskets from for instance Copenhagen parts we can deliver many different types of fixed gear baskets for many different types of handlebars and bikes.

Currently you will find the following fixed gear basket brands in our assortment of fixed gear accessories: Copenhagen Parts, FixieBrothers, Brick Lane Bikes, Paul Components and Nitto. The baskets are offered in a couple different types. Copenhagen Parts focusses on the way a basket is mounted on the steering wheel whereas BLB develops baskets better fitted for the creative and urban fixie. Paul Components stands for a neat and durable design with the added bonus of wood as its base. Through the many different brands en types we can offer a very extensive assortment within different price ranges which make it appealing to mount bicycle baskets on to your fixed gear.


A wet butt when riding a Fixed Gear is not a pleasant experience, that is why we offer a comfortable ride, a compact mudguard and a dry butt. In our assortment we currently offer a mudguard which can be fitted beneath the saddle, but also the type of mudguard which can be mounted directly to your bike. The Ass Saver is the popular mudguard which you have most likely heard of. Hidden beneath the saddle, quickly taken off, compact and very easy to mount. Besides the Ass Savers for the fixie we also offer the easy to mount mudguards from BLB. These classic mudguards finish your bike and make for a sleek and classic look. Through the special construction used within these mudguards it is very easy to mount or to take it off making for an easy job for your fixed gear. Besides the Ass Savers and BLB mudguards there are also mudguards from Full Windsor. These mudguards make for a bit better protection from behind.


There are many different ways to hang your Fixed Gear on a wall. In the garage, living room, garden shed or outside. You can store your bike in the craziest ways possible, and you will find bike mounts in many different shapes and sizes. In our assortment we have two bike mounts known for their quality. One of these is from the brand Cycloc, a system which is in the living room of many people in everyday life. 

We have seen a lot of models from Cycloc, we have chosen 3 of them and hang them up in a row. The Endo, Loop and Solo are the main products from the Cycloc collection, which is frequently updated. Besides Cycloc we offer the Clug bikeholder, which initiated a revolution in the bicycle world. The useful click system incorporated in the bike mount makes for a revolutionary way to store your bicycle. Clug is the smallest bike mount there is. The most practical way and smallest way to hang your bicycle! You will never believe something so small works so well. It works, no joke! No tricks, just a bike mount which does what it is supposed to do. You do not have to balance your bike on a standard, just hang it in the bike mount and you are done! 

The useful tool helps you to make the most of your living room, shed of where ever you want to store your bicycle. You can now hang your bicycle in the most exclusive way possible. You hang a plug on the wall, without damaging it, and you can hang it where ever you want! Clug is made to fit every tyre, it is a really good product for both road bikes, fixies, mountain bikes and city bikes. A road bike with a band width between 23 and 28mm fits perfectly in the road edition. The city bike fits perfectly in the 32 to 42mm edition. You can also store your fat mountain bike tyres in it!


Your Fixed Gear breaking down is the last thing you want, but unfortunately it happens regularly. In our assortment we are completely focussed on the development and durability of materials and replacement. Our assortment of tools guarantees durable repair tools which make sure you can hit the road as fast as possible. In our assortment you will find the tools of both BLB and Pedro’s. BLB is known for its perfect price/quality ratio, and their tools prove it once again.

In our assortment you will find many different tools to for instance cut the chain or put it back together, to tighten nuts and bolts with the multi tool and the Allen key. Besides the obvious care and repair in our assortment you will find everything related to maintenance and setting up your bike making sure it is in top notch condition.

 Pedro’s produces the budget line in regards to tools, but with a quality finish. Everything that comes out of the BLB factory, Pedro’s steps it up a notch. This line of tools makes for a durable toolbox filled with Allen keys and everything you need for the maintenance of your bike. The faith of your bike is in your own hands with the toolbox of BLB and Pedro’s. Your fixie bike has never been better!   


In the current days of traffic it is important to stand out. You do not want to end up under a car with your bike, but on the other hand you do not want to be driving Christmas tree either. That is why we have brought the most exclusive and qualitative lighting on the market to our webshop.

KNOG represents de fixed gear rider completely, you can always trust them! KNOG is from Australia and is known for their colourful lighting. The company operates with its own exclusive vision, making for an exclusive experience of your fixie lighting and makes for a colourful surrounding where ever you are driving. The durability and reach of the KNOG lighting guarantees for a safe ride to work, from your home to friends or of course some evening rides in the summer. It is important that your fixed gear bike is protected, but you should care about yourself as well.


Locking your bike is very important in the Netherlands. Especially if you have a fixed gear which you may be proud of! That why we have made a selection of the qualitatively best locks, so your bike stays where it is supposed to be. We are always on the lookout for the best locks and new ways to secure your bike. Keep a close eye on our assortment because it can change rather rapidly!

Besides HipLok we offer a lot more locks which are definitely worth having a look at. The quality and awards which these locks have acquired are certainly mentionable to say the least. Currently we have 3 different brands in our assortment to make the choices manageable and fun. The locks from HipLok are available in 4 types and in different colours. The locks from HipLok are known for their award winning achievements and durability. The HipLok models are: Pop, Lite, V1.50 and Easy Carry D.

Next to HipLok we have put our focus on Abus and Kryptonite as well. Abus has 1 especially nice lock which has claimed its place in the awards of best lock. Trendy, nice and solid are the main features of this lock. The Abus Gripstar is a firm U-lock which you will not be able to open with ease.

 Kryptonite, we all know it. The locks from Kryptonite guarantee your bike will never get stolen or lost any more. Your Fixed Gear is locked and when thieves see it they will not even try to steal your bike. The assortment from Kryptonite is so extensive, we can fill an entire catalogue with it. You can expect to find everything from Kryptonite to be in our locks assortment.


Your handlebar is an important aspect of your bike, so are your grips. Through our extensive assortment of grips you will always be able to find a grip which fits your bike. The assortment exists of many different brands such as Brooks and Lizard Skins, but we also have a couple new brands ready for you. You will find diverse grips in the web shop from Brooks and Lizards Skins. Are you curious about all different brands and models of grips, our assortment will show you the way!


Pedals are one of the most important aspects of your fixie bike. Without pedals you cannot ride, and without pedals your fixie will not work. We have a wide variety of pedals in our assortment ready for you, so you will be able to choose the perfect pedal for your bike. Currently you will not only find pedals from the brand Fyxation but in our assortment you will also be able to find pedals from the brands Crank Brothers and BLB. We try to incorporate as many pedals and offer options such as toe-clips and straps. This way we make sure your pedals are always connected properly and make sure your feet are properly balanced with your bike. Have a look at our assortment fixed gear pedals in the category.

Bar Tape

Your bicycle will look way slicker when your bullhorn is fitted with some nice bar tape. You have many different types of bar tape to choose from because there are many different types of grips. With the bar tape from Brooks for example you can easily get the old-school cork grip. We have different bar tapes so you are assured there is a tape which matches your bike. A nice example of different bar tape are the models from Lizard Skins. These models make for a very different look and feel in grip and design but are all made from the durable fabric Lizard Skins is known for. BLB makes for a classic look on your handle bar and bar pen through the different models and brands they work with.

Toe Clips

Toe Clips make sure your feet are properly connected to the pedals. Without toe clips there is a big change you may fall when you stop pedalling or when you want to skid. Through the toe-clips from our assortment being universal you can always connect them to your pedals. We make sure you know if your Pedals will work with toe-clips so you are not faced with unexpected challenges. It is important to know that you are always attached to your pedals in a secure way, but sometimes that means it can be hard to get out of them. Of course it is easier than click pedals where you are directly connected to the pedals, but still it is useful to take in account.


We have different saddle brands in our assortment. We make sure there is a wide variety of options to choose from on many different aspects. Through the many different options in our assortment you will always be able to find the perfect saddle for your fit. It is very important to pick the right saddle otherwise you will find yourself in a position of discomfort. The different brands such as San Marco, BLB, Cinelli, Fizik and many more offer a neat and slick assortment of saddles. We specialize our assortment on diverse fixed gear saddles catalogue. Every day you will find new products, the saddle category will be updated accordingly on a regular basis.

Fixed Gear Accessoires