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Are you looking for a fixie bike? In our collection of fixie bikes we have several models of bikes and a lot of products regarding the bikes. What is a fixed gear bike? A Fixie bike is a bike that has one gear and cant shift up or down in gears. It has a fixed chain as well which, just like a track bike, keeps spinning. You cant stop paddling, so there is no stopping to it!

In our collection we have several brands that we sell and represent all over the world. We are one of the biggest fixed gear webstores with a very big collection of almost 80 fixed gear bikes. Some brands in our collection are: 6KU Bikes, Aventon, Bombtrack, Cinelli, State Bicycle Co, Pure Fix Cycles and Polo And Bike. We have got more bikes, but lets start of with this selection. Our Fixed Gear collection is growing rapidly and we are showing our customers new brands every day.

In our collection of thefixedgearshop we have several brands. These brands are ready to rock your world. Because you can set up your bike with several kinds of accessories we are able to sell you all kinds of extras. We have set up a big collection of accessories for you fixed gear bike, so you never ride alone. If you are looking for that one part, we can get our hands on it of course. We got accessories like bags, lights, locks, mudguards, tools and much more. Check out the accessoires part.

In the categories of fixed gear accessories you will find several categories like: baskets, mudguards, hanging systems, tools, lights, locks, grips, pedals, handlebar tape, toe-clips, straps and saddles. These fixie parts are everything you need to rock the fixed gear environment. You will be the king of the bike!

Are you looking for a fixed gear bike? Singlespeed bike? Maybe some parts? You are at the right address at our store. We got a large daily growing collection of parts and bikes that will make your fixie feeling go crazy. As we have several specialist in our team, we know what our customers want. We focus on the building of our collection on a daily basis, and know what to change, improve and grow. We got what you need!

Are you looking for a bike? We got the following brands ready and lined up for you: 6KU Bikes, Bohemian, Bombtrack, Cheetah, Cinelli, Fabricbikes, Gepida, Goliat, Polo and Bikes, Pure Fix Cycles, Qualla Bikes and State Bicycle co. Want any of these bikes? You are at the right address. Our great collection of fixie bikes are ready to get shipped and delivered all over Europe. The great collection of bikes, parts and accessories are all sorted out, tested and quality proof to be used like a true Fixed Gear fanatic.

Did you know that there is a big difference between a fixed gear bike and a singlespeed bike? The bikes look the same, but they have a massive difference. When you drive a singlespeed, you can stop paddling. When you drive a fixie bike you can't, because the chainwheel is locked on the hub. This makes it ride like a track bike, and makes the bike ride different than a normal bike.

With a fixed gear you can't break, because you will crash. With a single speed you can break, cause otherwise you will crash into a car or something for not having breaks. You are able to break with the pedals with a fixed gear bike. The Fixed gear method is seen as a traditional one, and makes cycling a lot more fun and challenging. Its very populair to ride a fixed gear, but you can always build one yourself. This method of setting up a fixie is big in Europe, and we support his with lots of seperate parts on the store. See it as the place where you magically improve the fixie bike of your parents into a fixed gear bike your friends wanna have a piece of!

Wanna buy a frame for your fixed gear bike? We have a lot of different setup frames for the bikes, so you can set up a bike you want yourself. With our different parts you are able to set up the bike you want and design it in any sort of way you prefer. Our fixies are ready to rumble.

The parts of our store are coming from all over the world. We have suppliers in Europe but also in America, as we are one of the big stores that are able to get bike brands like State and stuff. But what do you need to know about a fixed gear for sure? For starters, have you ever actually ridden a fixed gear before? Do you know how different it is from a "regular" bike? If the answer to those two questions is "no," definitely look into bikes with a flip-flop rear hub (fixed on one side, freewheel on the other) and brakes, so you're not dictating a Craigslist "For Sale" ad from your hospital bed the following week.

Our parts are ready for you! Do you need parts or are you searching for the best set up for your fixie ride? We have them ready! Get your parts now and get ready for the fxie ride of your life! We have got a very wide collection of fixed gear parts like: Headsets, Brackets, Cranks, Chains, Brakes, Brake levers, Handlebars, Stems, Forks and Seatposts.

These parts come from several brands like BLB and State Bicycle Co, but also from Pure Fix and many more. We try to create the biggest and brightest collection of products, so you know what you need and what you want to buy and sell in our store. But why us?

We are one of the best and biggest stores in the world when it comes to fixed gear bikes. We know what our customer wants, and create actions and selling points on it. We are the builders of Fixed Gear Europe and are supporting the community with sponsoring on a weekly basis. We organize events, rides and much more! Come and ride with us!